Yes, that’s the name of the clothing brand started by the two of us in May 2016. One of the reasons we started this clothing brand is because of the fact that it seemed (and still seems) impossible to buy high quality garments with no branding, prints or other bullshit on it and without the high price tag. Four months later, September, we launched our first line with minimalistic, suede caps.

Wait, …aeuoeu?

Yes, a funny name indeed. Initially we did not want to have a name for our brand as we didn’t care about the name and so shouldn’t others. It’s about the garments we make, nothing more or less. By all means this was not possible, so we came up with a name that is unpronounceable; it doesn’t say anything, it doesn’t mean anything and you can pronounce it however you’d like.

From caps to shirts

The first collection was launched in September 2016. The response from friends, family but especially from people we didn’t know was very positive. Not long did it take until we were featured in the French magazine WADMAG, a blogpost on BALLINNN’ and VICE. This motivated us even more to maintain the brand and work even harder on new exciting stuff. After half a year, we dropped another colour of the cap (in navy). On top of that, on August 11th 2017, a launch of our all seasons T-shirts was realised.

my role

What is it that I do for aeuoeu in specific? Basically I’m the creative of the duo. This means I mostly take care of the webshop, content, social media and design of the content and garments. By all means in a small organisation of two people there are many things we both decide on, but Kees (the other founder) mostly takes care of the business, logistics and communication part of aeuoeu.

More info soon…

more information?


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